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05 Jun 2009 - Announcing an Enhanced Replacement Skin for Aria

After mulling over the possibilites of making Aria better given what I've learned of it's XML capabilites, I've finally put together a replacement skin for it that reduces the application size to make it netbook friendly, moves more commonly used controls like transpose to a more useful location, expanded the controls so you can see your current settings for all four instruments simultaneously, and a host of other improvements.

So be sure to check it out here, and if you have any ideas/suggestions feel free to use our contact form.

In other news, sometime over the next two weeks I'm going to be adding a troubleshooting page. The existing documentation doesn't cover a lot of the stuff you I had issues with at first, in particular just getting the thing working right using ASIO4ALL in the first place - since it seems that universally the stock ASIO drivers put out by the various sound card makers for Windows are rubbish.