Electronic Wind Instrument Information and More


A host of music software is compatable with the EWI since it is for all intents and purposes a midi device. Below I will be placing a quick overview of various softwares that may be of use to EWI owners. In addition I will from time to time be writing articles about modifying existing software and posting them in the sidebar here. At some point I will also be creating my own EWI USB configuration software that will make use of the reverse engineering I did of it's NRPN and System Exclusive data.

Simply follow the links in the sidebar to the appropriate subsections you are interested in. The Aria Review and ASIO4ALL Review provide information that can help you setup and get your EWI working right. You may also find Reaper of use in resolving playback problems.

Hopefully as I scrimp and save to buy more software, I'll be able to expand this section further. If you know of a audio software useful for the EWI USB that you'd like to see reviewed, please let me know -- if you'd like to donate one for review, even better!